Who are the Cockapoodled family?

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Who are the Cockapoodled family? I thought I would spend a minute telling you a little bit about our micro family business. We are an English family who own two Cockapoos and they are very much the centre of our family life. Peaches is an apricot Cockapoo girl who is three years old. Her husband is Waffle who is a red #Cockapoo and nearly 2 years old. Last year our two beautiful #Cockapoos had a litter of seven #puppies. We are so lucky to be in touch with all seven of our grand puppies and although we don’t plan to breed again it was an amazing family experience,  especially for the kids. We have fallen totally in love with all the #poodle mix cross breeds. Mummy Cockapoodled really enjoys exploring digital art by creating portraits of Cockapoos and other doodle mix dogs. We use Redbubble, Spoonflower and our own website cockapoodled.com to sell our designs so we can keep our to Cockapoos in the lifestyle they deserve. Follow our family antics @cockapoodled and tag #cockapoodled to introduce your #woof 🐾

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