Lockdown Grooming- recommendations for essential kit

Lockdown Grooming- recommendations for essential kit

Like most Cockapoo owners, since lockdown, I have learnt how much I treasure my groomer! It’s really hard to do a good job. Both of ours (and the kids) are sporting amateur haircuts 🤣.

I’ve found a few good groomer videos and guides. Not my usual groomer (too far away) but a groomer and Cockapoo owner created some quick and useful 1-2 minute videos on each aspect Belmar Pet Services

When I got my first Cockapoo I didn’t fully appreciate how much coat maintenance was needed and wasted lots of money on various expensive brushes. Both my Cockapoos have different coat types- one matts quite easily and the other just has sooo much fur. I’ve narrowed my grooming kit down to just a few key items. My favourite brand is relatively inexpensive and are the best I’ve discovered. You can purchase them via our a cockapoodled®️Amazon page- click here.

The 4 key items include:

1. A medium slicker brush between £6-12

2. A metal comb

3. A matt breaker around £9

4. A matt splitter

 They also do lovely shampoos and sprays- I love Baby Fresh

We also use Andis clippers, magnetic comb attachments and a medium grooming table, lots of treats and peanut butter 🐾

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